Our Product

Starting an online store and getting people to purchase your products online is a difficult but achievable task. Hightitude E-Commerce system allows you to be able to edit any content changes to your website: uploading new products, creating / editing pages. This is easily done though a very user friendly interface

Our affordable web designs are sleek, user-friendly and attractive. Though our web designs are affordable, we do not compromise on our high standards for speed, file size allocations, and accessibility.

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Key Features

Sell Anything

Organise your product categories, how they are arranged and highlight the featured ones. You will have the ability to add / remove products at any time, change the price, give discounts.

Order and Payment Processing

We customise your basket and payment workflow. We also handle delivery information, as well as discount management.

Analyse Your Sales & Take Strategic Decisions

We provide all kind of reports about your customers and sales. Do you want to know how many customers removed an item from the basket between March and May? We give you the answer!

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