Our Product

Our product features a powerful full featured reservation management system and cutting edge responsive multiple channel online booking engine.

Hightitude Reservation Management System is a simple, secure and highly customisable travel management system for agencies of all sizes. Its scalable and robust features will help you scale up and automate your business according to your requirements and provide a higher ROI as it allows you to focus more on what matters most to you - your business.

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Key Features

Booking Calendar and Reservation Manager

Manage reservations effectively with the reservation system. See all your bookings at once in the availability calendar.

Dynamic Pricing

Set your property prices based on season, length of stay, number of guests, etc. Plus, we support management of last minutes deals and specials as well as early bird discounts.

Online Payments

Guests can book instantly and pay on your website. Their bookings will then go directly into the reservation system.

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